Civil War 1861-1865

Fairfield County, Ohio
150 years 2011-2015

Fairfield County
Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments

61st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The First Ohio Volunteer Infantry

In 1859, an independent militia formed called the Lancaster Guard. Under the command of Captain Joeb Stafford, this company of sixty men were well-trained by the time President Lincoln made the first call for volunteers directly following the fall of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. One day later, Lancaster was in arms and 125 men, most members of the Lancaster Guard, paraded through the street to the train depot. Arriving in Columbus, these men were the first to report for duty at the Ohio Statehouse and were given the distinct honor of being organized as Company A of the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
Source: Ohio History Service AmeriCorps Program

Incidents with the 17th OVI in Lancaster, Ohio

The ideological tensions within Fairfield County came to a violent head in 1863, when John See provoked an argument with the members of the 17th OVI who were home in Lancaster on furlough. What began as a verbal exchange soon became violent when See drew his pistol to injure Joshua Whitely and Sylvester Courtney, and instead, mistakenly, shot John Little and Tip Michaels. A fight followed the shots, allowing See and his son to escape in the melee. After a long horse chase, to get their hands on See who was subsequently knocked down, trampled and assumed dead. In actuality, the presumption of See's demise was premature, and he was revived and charged with the shootings. See was later acquitted at trial, whose verdict was the subject of much censure and denounced by a number of citizens.
Source: Ohio History Service AmeriCorps Program